[xmlsec] some questions

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Sep 8 19:11:40 PDT 2002


First of all, the official language of the XML Sec mailing list is 
English. Please,
don't use Russian because most of the people on the list could not 
understand it.
I am doing my best to make sure that there are no errors in the XMLSec 
However, you have to understand that I don't have time or resources to 
do full QA
on all possible platforms. Moreover, my experience shows that extensive QA
does not catch all but only *most* of the errors. If you'll find an 
error then you are
welcome to fix and send me a patch or just send me a detailed bug report.
I promise nothing but I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.
As you correctly pointed out, the 0.0.8 release was broken (I simply 
screwed up
the packaging script). I am really sorry for this. If you are going to 
use XMLSec
then I would recommend you to use the 0.0.9 release. It's the latest and 
sources and AFAIK few people already downloaded and used it w/o any 

With best regards,


none j wrote:

>Хочу начать использовать вашу XML security library на Win2000.
>Вопрос такой: по сравнению с OpenSSl ваша библиотека молода, будет ли она
>крутиться без ошибок. Очень важно знать поверьте.
>Где что брать чтобы все сразу заработало. Я вижу один релиз испорчен. Не
>отвечайте если просто следовать советам на сайте. Ответьте если есть какие то
>С уважением,
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>xmlsec at aleksey.com

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