[xmlsec] request/complaint -- new error reporting feature

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Aug 28 18:39:21 PDT 2002

There are some problems with "void* context" parameter for error 
reporting function
and the main one is that if you really want to do it then you have to 
pass this "context"
paramer in *all* your functions (which is ugly :( ).
In real life there are few possible workarounds and the most popular one 
is to use
thread context storage (per thread specific values). For example, 
OpenSSL does this
for its error reporting.
Another option would be to wait till the end and analize the errors 
stack provided
by OpenSSL since default XMLSec errors handler reports all errors to 
This gives you context (doc, etc.) and does not require any thread 
context storage.

And I am not sure I get your idea about passing "context" to the 
function. This gives you *no* information about the current document 


Moultrie, Ferrell (ISSAtlanta) wrote:

>  Ok .. I'm trying to use the new xmlsec error reporting feature.
>There's one thing that was apparently overlooked -- I can only register
>one global static function and there's no context reported to that
>function (only file, line, func, reason, and msg -- none of which I
>control). So, when my callback function gets control, it has no way to
>know which document the error relates to (I have multiple documents open
>for verification operations concurrently). 
>  The libxml2 error function registration while not giving me nearly as
>much/nice information as yours does -- at least allows me to register a
>(void*) context pointer which I can use to figure out the document
>context to which the call applies. 
>  Have I missed something obvious (again!) or was this an oversight? Any
>thoughts about fixing/improving it if so? Passing a context pointer on
>the xmlSecErrorsSetCallback() method and then supplying it as a new
>parameter to the callback function would be a quite sufficient solution,
>  Ferrell
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