[xmlsec] XMLSEC Reference URI question

Moultrie, Ferrell (ISSAtlanta) FMoultrie at iss.net
Thu Jul 25 06:59:24 PDT 2002

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xmlSecSignedInfoRead: failed to validate "Reference"
= XMLDSig Result (validate)
== result: FAIL
== sign method: http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#rsa-sha1
== KEY
=== method: RSAKeyValue
=== key name: NULL
=== key type: Public
=== key origin: x509
=== X509 Certificate
==== Subject Name: /C=US/O=Web Developer/OU=IT/CN=ISS Keygen Test
==== Issuer Name: /C=US/O=Web Developer/OU=IT/CN=ISS Keygen Test
==== Issuer Serial: 3CEF18C2
==== ref type: SignedInfo Reference
==== result: FAIL
==== digest method: http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#sha1
==== uri: 
==== type: NULL
==== id: NULL
==== start buffer:
			<Keys Address1="2626 Somewhere Lane" Address2="suite 200A" City="Atlanta" Country="US" Email="keys at iss.net" Fax="778-555-1212" Phone="777.555.1212" PostCode="30064" Weburl="http://web.fubar.net"></Keys>
			<CustomerRelations Address1="1313 knowwhere Lane" Address2="suite 300A" City="Atlanta" Country="US" Email="customer_relations at iss.net" Fax="778-555-7799" Phone="777.555.7788" PostCode="30064" Weburl="http://web.customer_relations_iss.net"></CustomerRelations>
			<Support Address1="1234 Anvil Rd." Address2="suite 440B" City="Atlanta" Country="US" Email="support at iss.net" Fax="778-555-7755" Phone="777.555.7744" PostCode="30064" Weburl="http://web.suport_iss.net"></Support>
			<Source>ISS Atlanta</Source>
			<Timestamp>2000-06-14 10:34:09</Timestamp>
==== end buffer:
= Status:
== Signatures ok: 0
== Signatures fail: 1
== SignedInfo Ref ok: 0
== SignedInfo Ref fail: 1
== Manifest Ref ok: 0
== Manifest Ref fail: 0
Error: operation failed

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