[xmlsec] xmlsec executable and examples

Marius Kjeldahl marius at kjeldahl.net
Sun Jul 21 14:00:35 PDT 2002

Since xmlsec comes with an executable, does anybody have any simple 
examples that show how it all fits together?

Specifically, I'm trying to sign a small simple xml document, but xmlsec 
complains about missing signature sections.

E.g., take an xml file (test.xml) containing:


If I try:

xmlsec sign test.xml

I get the following:

Error: failed to find Signature node
Error: operation failed

If I just try to add an empty Signature tag, it still does not work.


I would like to fully understand how everything works together and what 
results to expect before I start digging into the API.

Does anybody have any examples of signing/encrypting using the command 
line tool that comes with xmlsec?


Mvh, Marius Kjeldahl

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