[xmlsec] Re:Problem with libxmlSec0.0.6

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Jul 19 01:16:52 PDT 2002

You can disable OpenSSL 0.9.7 support on Windows using a config
option (run 'csript configure.js help' for details).  I am not a big MS VC
expert so I am forwarding your suggestion to Igor Zlatkovic who is
helping to maintain Windows port for xmlsec (and not only xmlsec!)
He should defenetly be able to understand your suggestion and check it in
if it is a good idea.


kltsai wrote:

>Hi Aleksey Sanin:
>	I try your 0.0.7 version in Window2000, and it WORKS. Thank you
>very much. However the makefile in the original source rpm should be
>modified so that it can compiled more smoothly with VC6.0 and
>opensslV0.9.6c(I think Mr. Aleksey Sanin may compile with opensslv0.9.7).
>In file: win32\Makefile
>		^^^^^^  => CFLAGS
>	line100:
>		^^^^^^  => CFLAGS
>	line105:
>		!if "$(WITH_LIBSXSLT)" == "1"
>			^^^^^^^^^^^^  => WITH_LIBXSLT
>In addition to the compiling problem, there is also another problem in
>using the xmlSec in my *.cpp file while no problem happed in *.c file.
>This may due to the type checking problem?! I have tried the following
>definition and it works both in win2000 and linux at least.
>In original file: src\xmlsec.h
>	#define XMLSEC_EXPORT extern
>	#define XMLSEC_EXPORT_VAR __declspec(dllimport) extern
>The new definition :
>	#define XMLSEC_EXPORT __declspec(dllimport)
>	#define XMLSEC_EXPORT_VAR __declspec(dllimport) extern
>						kltsai

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