[xmlsec] Problem with libxmlSec0.0.6

kltsai kltsai at ecomuniversal.com.tw
Thu Jul 18 02:20:55 PDT 2002

Hi everyone:

	I install libxmlSec with rpm in Linux RedHat 2.4.18-3. The
version of libxmlSec, libxml2, libxslt, libiconv, libopenssl are 0.0.6,
2.4.23, 1.0.19, 2.2.5, 0.9.6c respectively. When I compiled sample3 and
execute it with test.xml, it got the result that DigestValue verified OK
but SignatureValue failed. I just install the rpm package, and this problem
should not happen!
	However, I use libxmlSec's Win32 version ported by Mr. igor. It
succeeds to verify both DigestValue and SignatureValue. I also try to
compile libxmlSec with VC6.0. My compiled version also occurs the sample
problem in Linux RH. Does anyone have experience such a condition or
is kind enough to give me some hint? Thanks in advance....


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