[xmlsec] PGP support?

John Belmonte jvb at prairienet.org
Wed Jul 17 09:11:56 PDT 2002

Aleksey Sanin wrote:
> I know about this but there are two problems:
>    1) gpg does not have *library* with PGP support. It's an application
>    and it's not simple to extract PGP functionality
>    2) I prefer to have xmlsec library under MT license and as you noted gpg
>    is GPL licensed.

1) On my Debian system there is certainly a libgpgme.  Here is the 

     GPGME is a wrapper library which provides a C API to access some
     of the GnuPG functions, such as encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify, ...

2) Perhaps the PGP functionality could be maintained as a patch (or 
plugin).  In addition to the new code, the patch changes the license to 
GPL.  If someone wants libxmlsec with PGP in their GPL'd application, 
they use the patched version.  If someone wants PGP, and GPL is 
unacceptable, then they must write their own PGP library (in which case 
hopefully they'd release it under MIT license, and the patch would no 
longer be necessary).  Note that if someone is just using xmlsec on the 
command line, the license is not an issue.


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