[xmlsec] compatility with other DOM/XPath/XSLT implementation

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Jul 11 21:20:33 PDT 2002

The second question about Xerces in two days :) I will save some time
and just copy the reply I wrote yesterday:

The short answer is that this will require *a lot* of work.
And personally I don't see reasons "why?" Till this year xerces
was the best parser but now LibXML2 does better:
   - it is faster
   - it has more features
   - it is more standards complaint
Also LibMXL2 has support for some features (like C14N and here()
XPath function) required for XML DSig and XML Encryption.
If someone will decide to implement these specs on top of xerces
then he/she will need to do implement these additional features as well
(and it is not simple!).
I clear understand your situation. Migrating legacy applications is pain.
But I don't recommend (and will not do myself) XML Sec on top of xerces.
It's more simple to start from scratch.


Moultrie, Ferrell (non-ISS) wrote:

>  I just discovered your XMLSec implementation -- congratulations, you're
>ahead of the other players in this area! My problem is that my applications
>are strongly tied (because of schema support, large code base and other
>issues) to the Xerces DOM and the Xalan XPath/XSLT implementation. Do you
>have any feel for how difficult it would be to port XMLSec to run on top of
>a Xerces/Xalan XML library rather than libXML? Has this been done, maybe a
>reference implementation, am I crazy, etc.?
>  Ferrell
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