[xmlsec] Re: Quick Question on validation

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Jul 10 18:10:25 PDT 2002

Hi, Jeff!

The key parameter xmlSecDSigValidate() function is used to verify
the signature. If this parameter is present then <dsig:KeyInfo> element is
ignored. This is useful if you know the key from the context  (for example,
you have another pointer to the signer inside XML document) and you do not
want to spend time/resources on parsing <dsig:KeyInfo> or when you have
no this element (it is optional in XML DSig spec!).
The key should be public or private, this does not matter because as you
know private RSA/DSA key includes public key data.


Lancelle, Jeffrey wrote:

>The xmlSecDSigValidate call has a "key" parameter defined in the function
>	1) is this "key" the public key
>	2) and if passed, does it compare it to the Signature public key
>returned from the server for trust reasons.
>		in other words Does the local client public key
>compare/chain to the Signature key returned from the server.
>Thank you,
>Jeff Lancelle

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