[xmlsec] xmlsec packages for Debian

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Jul 10 11:43:30 PDT 2002

> Hello Aleksey,
> You have access to the scripts at any time-- that is what's in the 
> libxmlsec_*.diff.gz file.  It is a patch file that prepares your stock 
> distribution for the one-line command that builds the Debian packages. 
> From your root project directory you can apply the patch like this:
>     zcat libxmlsec_*.diff.gz | patch -p1 

I already put your script in :)

> Assuming I do use xmlsec in the project I'm on, I wouldn't mind doing 
> updates and testing.  I don't have Debian maintainer status, but can 
> probably find a sponsor to upload the packages for me. 

Cool! Thanks!

> There will be another issue with Debian, which is sonames.  In the 
> future, would you be willing to increment the sonumber (independent of 
> the library version) every time a release breaks binary compatibility? 
> That's the "correct thing to do" from what I've read, although it is 
> quite a hassle for young libraries.  It becomes an issue once other 
> packages start depending on libxmlsec.

Yes, I will defenetly do this. Right now I think that the library is in 
pretty stable state and
I do not expect to break binary or api compatibility. But you are 
absolutelly right and I am going
to follow this rule.


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