[xmlsec] xmlsec packages for Debian

John Belmonte jvb at prairienet.org
Wed Jul 10 11:33:07 PDT 2002

Aleksey Sanin wrote:
> Thanks for the notice! I am going to create manpage for xmlsec in
> a next couple weeks. Changing xmlsec linkage to dynamic is not
> a big deal. As far as I can understand, after this there will be no more
> problems with Debian. And I would like to include Debian package
> scripts in the CVS and standard pacakge. The only problem is that
> I never used Debian and I have no Debian system araound.  Will you
> be able to help with writing/updating the packaging script and testing it?

Hello Aleksey,

You have access to the scripts at any time-- that is what's in the 
libxmlsec_*.diff.gz file.  It is a patch file that prepares your stock 
distribution for the one-line command that builds the Debian packages. 
 From your root project directory you can apply the patch like this:

     zcat libxmlsec_*.diff.gz | patch -p1

Assuming I do use xmlsec in the project I'm on, I wouldn't mind doing 
updates and testing.  I don't have Debian maintainer status, but can 
probably find a sponsor to upload the packages for me.

There will be another issue with Debian, which is sonames.  In the 
future, would you be willing to increment the sonumber (independent of 
the library version) every time a release breaks binary compatibility? 
That's the "correct thing to do" from what I've read, although it is 
quite a hassle for young libraries.  It becomes an issue once other 
packages start depending on libxmlsec.


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