[xmlsec] Problems with XPath: continued

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Jun 19 09:18:25 PDT 2002


I can explain why your attempts fail but I have no good solution
for you. All I can suggest is:   
    1) add unique 'id' attribute to the Field nodes and use it to select 
required node
    2) write a message to LibXML2  mailing list <mailto:xml at gnome.org>
    and hope that one of smart guys there will suggest something.
I'll keep thinking and if I'll find something I'll let you know.


Hans-Juergen.Heinrich at de.gi-de.com wrote:

>I'm still having problems with XPath:
>According to your recommendation, "ancestor-or-self::DataField" as
>an XPath expression works.
>But what can I do if there is more than one element of the same name
>in the document and I want to select one of them, say, the third one?
>"ancestor-or-self::DataField[3]" does not work, for example. I also
>tried something like "/Root/Field[3]". The effect is always the same: I
>can change portions of the document which are not below the third
>occurring "DataField"-element, and the signature will still change, which
>is not what I expect.
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