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OK, so it's possible, thank you.

But how does Alice load the key into the manager?
Suppose she has the secret key stored somewhere in a
file or as a byte array (8 bytes for DES, e.g.).
Does she have to call xmlSecSimpleKeysMngrAddKey and
provide a keyPtr structure as the 2nd parameter? In this
case, would she have to construct the keyPtr herself?


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Yes, it is possible. If you know how to exchange symmetric
(DES, HMAC, AES,...) keys between Alice and Bob then
you can specify the key using <ds:KeyName> element
of <ds:KeyInfo>. In particular, in XMLSec case, Alice should
load the key into keys manager and add <ds:KeyName> node
when you are signing/encrypting document. Bob simply loads
this key into keys manager and XMLSec "magically" finds it
when it decrypts/verifies the message.


Hans-Juergen.Heinrich at wrote:

>I wonder if it's possible to use MAC algorithms (with
>secret keys) instead of public key algorithms in XMLsec?
>In the keys.h-file I only see the key types "public", "private"
>and the generic type "any".
>Would it be possible to - for example - read a secret key
>from a file and sign a XML file with this key and TripleDES?
>How would that work?
>Any help appreciated
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