[xmlsec] bug in processing URI="#ID"

Aleksey Sanin aleksey@aleksey.com
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 11:03:09 -0800

Hi, All!

If you have problems with processing XML Signatures having reference URI
in the format URI="#ID" where 'ID' is starting from a digit then you might
be interested in the following patch:


The problem was caused by the fact that LibXML correctly thinks that
the string starting from digit is a number and not an id reference.  The 
ensures that the id processed correctly by using "xpointer(id('ID'))" 
instead of simple "ID".

The patch was done against 0.0.10 sources and checked in the
XMLSEC_0_0_X_BRANCH branch (you might get full sources
tree from GNOME CVS as described on XMLSec download page).